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Memorial’s Pre-AP Students Explore Natural History Museum

Memorial’s Pre-AP Students Explore Natural History Museum Photo 1 thumbnail75901
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Memorial’s Pre-AP Students Explore Natural History Museum Photo 3 thumbnail75903
On Friday, March 24, 120 Pre-AP World History ninth-graders from Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School School attended a field trip to the Natural History Museum in New York City. In groups of ten with staff member chaperones, the students were provided with opportunities to explore various exhibits that interested them.

Social Studies Teacher Gina Corrigan coordinated the trip for her pre-AP classes to not only witness the many relevant exhibits the museum has to offer, but also to experience traveling to “the city” from Long Island. For many, this was their first trip to the museum, for some it was their first time on the subway.

After they watched “Dark Space” in the Hayden Planetarium, the groups viewed and learned about dinosaur bones, Ancient Aztecs, African wildlife and minerals. They were encouraged to take photographs, which they would later use to design advertisement for the museum that incorporated information obtained during the visit.

“It was cool that we knew what these things are and understood it’s importance from over a thousand years ago,” explained Omari Chan. “I liked the whole experience,” said Jaiden Charles. “The train, my friends and the planetarium. I felt like I was in space.”

“I always enjoy seeing students outside of the classroom environment, being themselves and experiencing something like this” said Social Studies Chairperson Brian Suckle. “Many people save up for a vacation to go to New York City and we have an opportunity to jump on a train and bring so many students this experience every year.”

As these students continue of the AP track there will be opportunities in their senior year to visit Washington D.C. and Philadelphia with the AP Government course.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019