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True Beauty Shines at North HS

True Beauty Shines at North HS photo thumbnail83170
Each year, the Hance Family Foundation’s Beautiful Me program is presented at Valley Stream North High School to instill self-confidence, individuality, empathy and other positive values in teen girls.  

During their first of three sessions this November, the North students focused on redefining the meaning of beauty and appreciating their own unique qualities. Under the guidance of teachers, they discussed what makes them beautiful and what they like best about themselves. Various stories, videos and exercises were shared to emphasize self-acceptance and awareness. 

As one component of the program, students were asked to trace their dominant hand with their non-dominant one, which segued into a conversation about asking for help. They were taught that it is okay to ask for help and discussed reasons that people often have trouble doing so. As a next step, they cut out their outlines and wrote down their favorite part of themselves in the center. Many acknowledged the fact that their bodies enable them to participate in art, sports, music, dance and other activities. They were each encouraged to place their creation someplace prominent, where they will see it every day. 
The groups also explored goals they can set for themselves and healthy lifestyle factors such as getting enough sleep and exercising.
“Confidence will show in your personality,” said Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Vanessa Coppeto. “The more you say it, the more you’ll believe it.”

The Hance Family Foundation started the Beautiful Me program after losing their three daughters in a devastating car accident. According to the organization only 2 percent of women believe they are beautiful. The initiative provides lessons that help girls of all ages realize their strengths and abilities. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019