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Musical Performances Give Back to Staff and Community Members

The Valley Stream Central High School District closed out 2017 on a joyful note as student musicians from all its schools played winter concerts that helped spread the joy of the holiday season. The performances held deep significance as they expressed appreciation to all of those who make a difference in the district, demonstrating the school-community connection.

Eleven concerts showcased the talents of ensembles from Memorial Junior High School, Central, North and South high schools throughout the month of December. Additionally, smaller ensembles from all four buildings treated district office personnel to festive short performances in the board room throughout the week before the holiday break. 

Band, chorus and orchestra students from each school took part in these musical showcases. The school concerts, held at the respective buildings, were attended by students’ families as well as staff members and members of the greater Valley Stream community.

The district office performances served as ways to express gratitude to all those who play valuable roles in day-to-day operations of the district and contribute to the educational programs and experiences of its students. Administrators, support staff members and others were invited to join the enthusiastic student musicians as they performed various holiday tunes.

The Valley Stream Community Band Holiday Concert was held on Dec. 15 in Central High School’s Keller Auditorium. The event brought student and adult musicians from the district and community together on stage, where their collaboration resulted in a festive soundtrack of extraordinary sound. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019