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Memorial Junior High School honors life’s heroes

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Memorial Junior High School’s entire seventh-grade class of almost 300 students acknowledged real-life, everyday heroes during a special assignment and celebration. Hero Day, held on Jan. 11, served as an opportunity for the students, their guests and staff members to come together to acknowledge the role models who make a positive impact and provide inspiration.

Leading up to this event, seventh-grade ELA classes discussed questions that focused on identifying heroes in society and ordinary life. Students wrote essays paying tribute to their own heroes, and then wrote letters inviting these individuals to join them at the gathering. 

Spearheaded by English teacher Kim Cazzetto and department chair Taylor Connolly, Hero Day was developed as a way to promote and appreciate the positive behavior and values that heroes exhibit, as well as provide students with an opportunity to realize the value of celebrating relationships. 

After Ms. Cazzetto welcomed attendees to the assembly, 10 students were selected to read their essays with their respective heroes by their sides. Principal Bret Strauss also introduced his mother as his own hero. Additionally, the choir provided musical accompaniment. 

Many students identified family members as their heroes, and some honored former teachers and others who had influences on their lives. 

“I chose my mom because she’s loving, caring and hard working,” said Madelyn Clark. Zachariah Hernandez expressed sentiments about his grandmother, describing her as “strong, caring and loving.” 

“Hero Day is a beautiful celebration of love and appreciation,” said Ms. Cazzetto and Ms. Connolly. “It is also one of the days we most look forward to each year.”

Wednesday, August 21, 2019