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North’s SADD Club Save a Life Tour

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On Wednesday, May 22nd the International Save a Life Tour visited Valley Stream North High School with the help of North’s SADD Club. The Save a Life Tour provides an impactful experience that stresses safe driving, and utilizes many methods for educating and demonstrating the consequences that are a direct result of poor decisions made by operators of motor vehicles. Students were exposed to the dangers associated with distracted and unsafe driving, through a presentation, videos, and simulators that demonstrated various scenarios with unsafe driving.

The SADD club, especially SADD seniors, Cassidy Skarren and Marlin Gomes, and junior, Lindsey Poonai were a huge help with making sure this program went smoothly. They helped arrange the schedules, organized the participants, and made sure everything went well. In the future, North’s SADD Club hopes to continue this program at North every year.
Friday, May 29, 2020