Memorial Junior High School

320 Fletcher Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580
Main Office Phone: (516) 872-7700


Principal: Bret Strauss
Assistant Principal: John Squadrito
Assistant Principal: Kamillah Dawkins

"Excellence in Academics and Ethics"


A Message from Memorial's Principal - Bret Strauss

Welcome to Memorial Junior High School.  We are extremely proud of our commitment to Excellence in Academics and Ethics and remain dedicated to ensuring that all students, parents, faculty and staff work together to ensure the success of our students as they transition from middle school to high school.

Memorial provides a warm, caring, and supportive learning environment as well as a rigorous academic program for students in grades seven through nine.   We offer students a superior and challenging academic program through rigorous courses of study in Math, Science, English and Social Studies as well as a variety of elective programs in Music, Science, Technology, Family and Consumer Science and Art.  Our dedicated staff works closely with students to help them excel in their studies.  Our teachers provide extra help after school at least two times per week.  I strongly suggest that you encourage your child to attend these after school extra help sessions to help reinforce what he/she learned in class and to help prepare him/her for upcoming assessments.   

Nat2015The social-emotional development of our students is a major concern at Memorial.  Our staff offers a variety of support for our young adolescents.  You will find that our school counselors, social workers and school psychologist are compassionate and will work closely with the students to ensure their success. In addition, we provide many opportunities for student involvement through athletics, clubs and various extracurricular activities.

An extremely important component to student success is parental involvement.  Studies confirm that parent involvement has an enormous impact on student attitude, attendance, and academic achievement. We encourage all parents/guardians to stay connected to the education of their children and remain in close contact with teachers, counselors and administrators throughout their child’s time at Memorial. Please use the contact information listed on this website to stay in touch consistently during the school year.

It is our belief that students thrive in a safe and structured environment.  Therefore, we are committed to the safety of all students and promote positive interactions through a positive reward system called the “Good Deed Program.” Our B.R.A.V.E. (Believe in the Rights and Values of Everyone) program promotes citizenship and ensures that all students are able to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. It is our goal that each child realizes his/her maximum learning potential.  As a result, we have set high standards for academic achievement and student behavior.
I have every confidence that your child will enjoy his/her time at Memorial and that your child will be well prepared to meet the demands of high school and beyond through the development of higher level learning and critical thinking skills.  I am confident that they will build positive relationships with their teachers and peers and will continue to grow as responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Thank you for the privilege of working with your children.

Bret Strauss
Memorial Junior High School


Memorial Students Set Goals and Gain Interview Insight

Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School’s Home and Career Skills classes learned useful skills pertaining to job goals and interviews, thanks to a visit from guest speaker Bob Wolf. Mr. Wolf has more than four decades of experience in the business world and founded the HOPE program, which help to prepare students for a competitive job market.

The presentations at Memorial focused on three skill sets that can be integral components of a person’s success: First impression skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills. Mr. Wolf discussed ways to make a good first impression and advised students to ask others about themselves. He explained interpersonal skills as having good manners, demonstrating courtesy and being respectful and polite. As for communication skills, Mr. Wolf noted that in addition to speaking, listening and writing, there are physical and emotional ways to communicate.

Throughout the presentation, Mr. Wolf shared anecdotes from his own life and career that offered inspiration. He engaged students in conversations about their part-time and summer jobs, which can help them in their future endeavors.

When it comes to standing out to an interviewer or prospective employer, Mr. Wolf stressed the value of a handwritten thank you note as a follow up that will help an individual shine among his/her competition. He also noted that “good manners and common courtesy play big time in business, and in college as well.” He reviewed words and phrases that matter and make a positive impact, such as “please,” “I appreciate,” “thank you” and “excuse me.”
 “You all have a unique voice,” Mr. Wolf told the students. “Learn how to use it properly, with tone, grammar and clarity.”

Friday, March 24, 2017